Civic Connection

By hitting the streets and working with local and state level leadership, we are able to focus on critical points of concern that require change and address. This also allows us to keep a good tabulation on the local pulse and develop strategic plans for incorporating solutions to those critical points of concern.

Special Events

Special Events help bring together all elements of our organization. Here we are ale to actively engage various personalities, backgrounds and organically cultivate as well as promote the values of our organization and candidates. It also serves as a guest spot for endorsed candidates to e ale to take the front line right to the people and speak from their hearts when normally they may not have been able to do so.

Promoting the Vote

Utilizing our network of veterans through social media and networking, we are able to attach influencers, podcasters, media personalities and allow for both exhibition of candidates as well as promotion of elections and the critical need for optimal turn outs. This is also beneficial in the application of recruiting grassroots help to garner support for campaigns on and at any level with robust results and coordinated strategies from local all the way to national level positions.