American Oath Initiative - Iron Clad Brewery Fundraiser Kickoff

American Oath Initiative kicked off their ENC fundraiser and conducting some grassroots discussions with local supporters this week in Wilmington, North Carolina. AOI Board Members Logan Reed, Mario Volpe, Matt Apel and Austin Bury introduced the narratives on the overall progress and mission of AOI to long time Republican supporters and constituents at the Iron Clad Brewery.

Event Features:
  1. Guest Speakers Included: Tony Cowden (Congressional Candidate for NC-3), Adina Safta (Congressional Candidate for NC-2) and Mike Sorg (Pender County Sheriff Candidate)
  2. Silent Auction that included a custom made "hidden" gun safe.
  3. Rifle Raffle to raffle off a custom built AR-15.
  4. Music Performances by: Matt Bowlin

The expectation for this to be a great turn out was exceeded and many were able to see our message on display and hear directly with candidates running for local and state offices! All thanks to generous donations from patriots like yourself. If we wish hard enough... we may even see Mario dance to those awesome sounds from Matt Bowlin. You gotta be at the events in the future to see it and we thank you for your continued support!